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Helping Companies Grow Their Business Through Expanding Sources of Capital

We also provide equipment manufacturers and distributors with creative, flexible financing solutions for their clients that complement any current programs.

Located in the heart of California, J&L Capital Resources is an equipment financing company in Kingsburg, CA, that helps companies obtain capital to purchase equipment, leaving cash and credit lines to pay for operating expenses.

With over 30 national funding sources, we have funding sources for all size transactions – for small to medium size businesses who need up to $250,000 to a $60 million transaction.

We Offer Equipment Financing for:

  • Companies looking to expand and diversify their sources of capital
  • Equipment vendors looking to offer more financing options to clients
  • Corp only programs – no personal guarantees required
  • App only Programs – no financial statements required
    • App only to $400,000 – transportation deals with 2 years in business
    • App only to $400,000 – manufacturing and industrial with 2 years in business
    • App only to $350,000 – agriculture and construction with 5 years in business 
  • Inventory financing – $100,000+
  • Government, Municipalities, School Districts
  • New and Used equipment (any age)
  • Non-Profits
  • Progress payments & prefunding programs for “built to order” transactions
  • Private party sales
  • Refinancing
  • School Districts, Colleges, Universities




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J&L Capital Resources helps companies obtain capital to purchase equipment, leaving cash and credit lines to pay operating expenses!

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We have been in business since 1996 and have over 30 national funding sources

  • “A” credit – Competitive rates with no down payment for 3+ years in businesses + past comp credit
  • “0” down for New Truck Purchases with 3 years TIB, 680+ score, past comp credit, strong bank statements
  • Corp only approvals available- qualification based on D&B and Paynet scores – No PG’s required
  • App only programs to
    • $400,000 for manufacturing, industrial and machine tools
    • $350,000 for agriculture & construction equipment 
    • $400,000 for transportation equipment
  • All types of credit accepted
  • Any type equipment accepted – new or used (any age)
  • Any size deal – $10,000 to $60 million
  • Bankruptcy – Discharge needs to be at least one year old
  • Credit scores under 600 – structured w/security deposits on or additional equipment as collateral
  • Factoring programs available – up to 95% advances on invoices
  • Government leasing programs with $1 buyouts – $10,000 to $10 million
  • Leasing programs – Rates starting at 7% for “A” credits
  • Lease purchase programs available – $ 1.00 and 10% buyouts – 20% buyouts on new equipment
  • Sale leasebacks (for working capital) – pledging “free & clear” equipment
  • Solar equipment financing and tax leasing programs available
  • Start-up businesses usually require 10% to 20% down payments
  • Truck & Trailer financing – Fleet financing, Owner Operators and Start-ups with experience okay

J&L Capital Resources provides equipment financing & leasing programs for the following:

Emergency Vehicles
Forestry and Logging
Graphic Arts/Printing
Lumber Processing
Machine Tool
Material Handling
Non profit
Office equipment
Point of Sale
Truck & Trailer
Waste Removal

Financing Programs

J&L Capital Resources offers financing programs where the customer retains the title to the equipment, and the finance company only has a security interest in the equipment. Apply for equipment loans online

Financing Program | Kingsburg, CA

Leasing Programs

Finance Lease

Often referred to a Capital Lease, customer has the option to purchase the equipment for $1.00 or some other pre-agreed fixed buyout.

Operating Lease

Structure where the customers lease payment is based on the value of the property less its residual value (amount it is worth at the end of the lease term.) Accordingly, operating leases have advantage of lower lease payments compared to finance leases.

TRAC Lease – Open ended lease with a predetermined residual value.

TRAC is an acronym for “Terminal Rent Adjustment Clause.” Used for automobiles, trucks, self-propelled equipment. At lease end, customer may purchase the equipment for its predetermined TRAC value or return it to the lender. If returned and the equipment exceeds the predetermined residual value, lender will return the net proceeds to the customer. If the value is less, customer is responsible for the difference.                 

True Lease

These leases are off balance sheet and allow you to expense 100% of the monthly lease payments rather than taking depreciation. The leasing company retains ownership of the equipment and at the end of the term, you have the option to purchase the equipment for the fair market value, return the equipment or continue to rent it.


Off balance sheet financing in which an owner sells an asset or property and at the same time leases it back on a long term basis to retain possession and use of it. This arrangement frees up capital tied up in a fixed asset.

Synthetic Lease

Financing technique structure to be an operating lease for the lessee’s financial accounting purposes and a financing for U.S. Federal tax purposes. Most often used in acquisition or construction facilities for company Headquarters or other real estate projects, corporate aircraft and large equipment.

Equipment Covered by Our Business Equipment Loans | Kingsburg, CA

Providing Creative Financing Programs is J&L Capital Resources’ Objective

  • Quick credit decisions
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible payment programs
    • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual payments
    • Deferred payment plan – up to 90 days before payments begin
    • Skip payment plan – allows for “0” payments during certain months
    • Step payment plan – allows for lower payments that step up over time
    • Balloon payment – 20% or more buyout for equipment with strong collateral value
    • Harvest Plan for Ag Industry – 10% down, skip 7 months until annual payments start
  • Any size transaction
  • New and used equipment, any age
  • Non-recourse
  • 100% financing can include shipping, installation and sales tax

Types of Credit we work with  

  • Established corporations with “A” rating from D&B and Paynet
  • Startup businesses
  • Prior bankruptcy
  • Past credit problems
  • Sole prop businesses with owners who have “A” thru “C” credit
  • Challenged credits
  • Corp only – no PG’s required
  • Companies in bankruptcy, deficit net worth, in turnaround phase – 250k+


Benefits of Equipment Financing and Leasing

Why do businesses lease equipment?

It’s the use of the equipment, not the ownership, that will earn you profits.

Conserve Capital

Financing and leasing let you keep your cash for working capital to pay expenses and other investment opportunities.

Lengthen terms of payments

Terms can be structured for much of the useful life of the equipment, often extending well beyond terms normally available through a bank transaction.

Lower up front costs

Most payment plans only require 1-2 months payments in advance. Bank financing sometimes requires 20% down.

Preserve cash and existing credit lines

Using outside financing or leasing helps keep your present bank lines intact for other uses and gives you a new source of credit for present and future needs.

100% Financing

The total cost of the equipment, plus installation, shipping and sales tax can be included to keep upfront money required to a minimum.

Less Restrictive Financing

In most cases, the lender only encumbers the equipment you are financing, with an asset specific lien. Traditional bank financing usually encumbers the entire business and bank lines with blanket liens.

Tax Benefits of Leasing

Depending on the type of lease you choose, you may be able to write off the entire monthly payment as an operating expense or capitalize the outlay.

Avoid Technical Obsolescence

Leasing enables you to upgrade and replace equipment, as technology and your needs change.

Customize payment structures to fit your cash flow

Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual payment plans along with skip and step-up payment plans.

Finance without incurring extra debt being reported on your personal credit report

Even though personal credit will be pulled for guarantors as part of the credit decision, most lenders only report the new commercial loan to business credit reports such as Paynet.

Still have benefits of Section 179 expensing

– IRS tax code that allows a business to deduct the full purchase price of equipment on their income taxes as an expense, rather than requiring that the property be depreciated over time.

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The maximum deduction limit is $1,000,000 in 2021.

To qualify for Section 179 deduction, the asset must be:

  • Tangible
  • Purchased, not leased, for use in your trade or business
  • Used more than 50% in your trade or business
  • Placed in service (purchased, acquired, or converted to business use) during the current tax year
  • Acquired from a non-related party
  • Has a useful life of less than 20 years

Still have benefits of Bonus Depreciation – allows a business to deduct 100% of what is spent in 2021, above the Section 179 cap, up to $2,500,000.

Applications & Forms

Apply today and a vendor packet will be sent to you.

Credit Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Call today for more information: 800-818-2883

What information is reviewed during the credit process?

Length of time in business
Commercial loan history
Dunn & Bradstreet report
Paynet report
Personal credit report of guarantor for sole prop /partnerships
Audited or reviewed financial statements for deals over 2 million

A decision can be obtained in as little as 4 hours.

A lease is an agreement to pay a monthly rent fora special amount of time for the right to use the equipment during the term of the lease. At the end of the lease, the customer has the option to purchase the equipment or return it to the lender (if structured as a lease with purchase option).

Leases can also be structured with a $ 1.00 or other predetermined dollar amount- if client knows they want to purchase and keep the equipment at the end.

Yes – new businesses can qualify for equipment financing.

Approximately eight out of ten U.S. businesses use lease financing to acquire the equipment they need.

Keep bank credit lines free for important times.
Improve budgeting with fixed monthly payments.

Barbara Bujulian

About J&L Capital Resources

Providing equipment manufacturers and distributors with creative, captive programs that turn prospects into clients is J&L Capital’s objective. High on their list of needs are creativity, flexibility, quick credit decisions and prompt payment.

In response to those needs, J&L Capital offers:

  • Timely commitments
  • Straightforward documentation
  • Competitive rates
  • Over 30 dependable funding sources nationwide, we have a source of capital for all size transactions
  • Specialize in all types of equipment
  • Providing lessee’s with individualized attention allows J&L Capital to tailor-fit the lessee’s specific needs
  • Structured repayment schedules to match lessee cash flow requirements

We would welcome the opportunity of helping set up financing for the next equipment purchase you need to make for your business!

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